Monday, September 28, 2009

Drummerobit: Beau Velasco

The drummer with Death Set, Beau Velasco has died, his his management have confirmed.

Originally an Australian Gold Coast-based band, Death Set relocated to America in 2006 - first Brooklyn, then Baltimore.

Johnny Siera told the City Paper what it was about Velasco that made them the band they were:

“When I go and see a band, I want to see them going apeshit spastic,” Siera explains. “I’d try to do that in my old bands, but the other guys were just standing there. Beau was the first person I’d ever seen in our small scene that was going absolutely apeshit. I remember him picking up his amp and smashing it against things, and I just made a decision that I was going to play music with that guy. I didn’t know how or why, I just knew that I wanted to.”

The band took DIY to ridiculous extremes - Velasco slapping together old bits and pieces to allow them to make their first demo - and managed to assemble a huge following out of local gigging, some high-profile supports (Bonde De Role) a lot of singles and eps and a single album last year.

Siera shared this earlier today:
"R.I.P. my dear brother, friend and bandmate Beau Velasco. We are all so devastated that I will keep this short. We love you and you will be missed. You affected us all so much in the most positive ways. Our lives would not be as is if not for you. We love you. For all those who wish to pay their respects we will let the details known soon."

No details of the cause of death have been released.