Saturday, November 28, 2009

Popobit: Al Alberts

Al Alberts, singer with The Four Aces, has died.

Born in Philadelphia in 1922, Alberts was a child star who made regular appearances on radio. After university, time in the navy introduced him to Dave Mahoney, with whom Alberts would form The Four Aces. In a seven year period, the Aces charted a number of times, picking up Grammys for Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing and Three Coins In The Fountain.

Alberts quit the group in 1956, hoping for solo success which never materialised, prompting a sideways move into producing radio and TV programmes. His Al Alberts Showcase ran for 32 years, offering a platform to new artists - helping Sister Sledge and Teddy Predergast at the start of their careers, for example.

Alberts retired in 2001. He died from complications from kidney failure at home on Friday. He was 87.