Monday, December 14, 2009

Chris Brown takes break from beating women to beat record shops

Apparently considering he has some sort of divine right to have his dull music stocked by all good retailers, domestic abuser Chris Brown is wailing that some shops won't stock his record:

"Just was at Walmart in Wallingford CT, 844 north colony," Brown tweetedon Saturday night. "The[y] didn't even have my album in the back ... not on shelves, saw for myself." Brown said he talked to the store's managers and "they didn't even know anything. Wow!!! But they had Alicia Keys album ready for release for this Tuesday comin ... the manager told me that when there are new releases it's mandatory to put em on the shelves ... BUT NO SIGN OF #GRAFFITI. BS."

Good lord, leaving aside the unpleasantness of both his criminal and musical records, what sort of sadsack goes sneaking round WalMarts looking to see if they have his record on the shelf?

He's been wailing for quite a while - this was him at the start of the weekend:
"I'm tired of this s---," Brown tweeted on Friday. "Major stores are blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves and lying to customers. What the f--- do I gotta do..." Brown later said he would not be retracting the comments after they quickly spread online, adding, "I'm not biting my tongue about s--- else ... the industry can kiss my ass." He also lashed out at "people who r constantly tweeting me wit bulls---," but did quickly apologize to his young fans for "all the cursing."

What the fuck do I gotta do, indeed, Chris Brown? How about not smashing women's faces in in car parks? Or perhaps learning a little humility?