Saturday, December 05, 2009

Marilyn Manson hasn't been dumped, he's been handed an exciting opportunity on a pink slip

You know what? Let's not look at it like Marilyn Manson's audience have now reached puberty in such numbers that his latest album managed to barely squeak over 100,000 sales in the US. Let's not see it as if Interscope have decided that a Manson is a one-trick pony whose trick looks a little dated against a backdrop of Twilight and True Blood making cheap Goth look much sexier. Let's not see this as an end, shall we?

Let's turn that badly-drawn-with-eyeliner frown upside-down, shall we?

The singer told Metal Hammer: "We've just been released from our record contract with Interscope so I think a lot of the creative control on which my hands were tied on a lot of choices - the music videos - things like that (has been regained).

"I was so restrained from the music that I wanted to make - what they would allow, they would put out, what ideas they would allow to be conveyed in these videos. At least half of my creative output has been squashed, so now I think people can expect a whole lot more."

Mmm. Yes, it was a lack of creative freedom that was holding you back, wasn't it? Rather than a more pressing lack of creative ideas. So what's the big plan now you're "free", Marilyn? Same thing, but with more nipples?