Sunday, December 27, 2009

Zapsmart: Music on TV and Radio today

This used to be called Christmas Sunday, didn't it? And used to get a special illustration across the top of the Radio Times listings. Why aren't Fox News investigating that, eh? Doubtless it's been renamed to avoiding upsetting people, right?

7.00am 6Music - The Best Of George Lamb
It lasts three hours. How?

2.45 Radio 4 - Joan Armatrading's Favourite Choirs
Desperately close to commissioning using 'Youth Hosteling With Chris Eubank' as a template

5.30 6Music - Stuart Maconie's Freakzone
A 1969 special. But it's always roughly a 1969 special at the Freakzone.

6.30 BBC1 - Comic Relief: The Net Result
Gary Barlow and Chris Moyles nip over to Uganda, partly to see where Comic Relief money went, and partly so Chris Moyles can feel like he's got liberal attitudes towards homosexuality.

8.00 Five - The Abba Years
Promises to include "the hugely successful spin-offs". Chess?

8.00 ITV3 - An Audience With Donny And Marie
Radio Times calls his "a huge slice of nostalgia", thereby confusing something you can remember with something you used to like.

10.55 Film4 - Backbeat
Doomed-to-sell-through-VHS but actually quite good Beatles biopic, focusing on the other one. Not Pete Best, no.

12.40am Channel 4 - Hits And Headlines: Christmas Number Ones
Headlines? At Christmas? It reminds me of the first time Murdoch made his staff go in on Christmas Day to produce papers for the 26th, and whoever was editing The Times that day, challenged by the BBC as to why they were there, muttered that the stock exchanges in the Far East were open - "and so maybe our stories will come from there." Because The Times is always leading on the Manilla stock exchange.