Saturday, January 16, 2010

I collect, I reject: More Beatles tat for sale

Given how sniffy they are about putting their music onto digital platforms, The Beatles are really happy to let any other old shit be flogged off their backs. Here's an example:

MusicSkins Secures Worldwide License to Market Personal Device Skins Featuring Iconic Beatles Images Including Seven Best Selling Albums Cover Art

In other words, they're selling some stickers you can stick onto your phone with pictures of Beatles records on them.

Of course, you might be more familiar with the world of high-quality, wipe-clean vinyl decals than music, so here's a helpful explanation:
“The Beatles are the biggest rock band of all time, and they are still as hot today as ever – the recently released re-masters of their CD’s shot to the top of the charts, and ‘The Beatles Rock Band’ game was the most anticipated game release in years,” commented Jed Seifert, MusicSkins LLC Executive Vice President.

He's right, you know. If by "top of the charts" he means "quite near the top of the charts, for some of them, although others struggled to get out of the lower reaches, and then they all dropped out faster than the bottom of a cardboard bucket" and, on the computer game, if you add the words "ignoring Call Of Duty 2 and Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 and that arcade game they put into SuperPoke Pets."
“We couldn’t be more excited about offering skins that showcase the Beatles logo and the iconic cover art from some of the most important albums that helped shape the whole rock music genre.”

No, I'm sure you couldn't. I really couldn't be any more excited about it, too. Even if something happened to make it actually exciting.


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