Monday, February 15, 2010

6Music saved for a delighted nation

The BBC Trust report into the future of Radio 2 and 6Music has just been published. Much to explore in there, but the headline is that the Trust aren't suggesting 6Music be closed. Indeed:

The station must raise awareness and grow its audience. In doing so it should also seek to attract enthusiasts of alternative popular music from audience groups which are currently less likely to listen, particularly older listeners.

Audiences believe that 6 Music offers something which is not available on other radio stations and analysis shows that there is very little song overlap between Radio 2, 6 Music, Radio 1 and commercial radio.

The challenge for 6 Music will be to grow its audience without changing the aspects which currently set it apart from other radio stations. One of the ways the station should do this is by ensuring presenters are not only popular but also have musical credibility to act as trusted guides for alternative music enthusiasts.

In other words: even the BBC Trust didn't think George Lamb was right for the station.

Marc Riley for breakfasts, then?


Simon said...

Not sure what they mean exactly by requiring "musical credibility" in DJs - does that mean former band manager and DJ Lamb has more right to be there then Adam & Joe?

Anonymous said...

But Sean Keavney is ACE at Breakfast!

Mulch said...

Think anon there has made a slight spelling mistake: surely it should be "Shaun Keavney is less amusing that Hale and Pace at breakfast"?

Still, this is all good news, and I'm sure that nice Mr Cameron and his chums will recognise how valuable 6Music is. He likes The Smiths and everything, you know.

Anonymous said...

The consultant's summary of the responses receieved from the listeners is far more explicit as to the general consensus. It states:

"The biggest issue for many respondents is that they don’t enjoy George Lamb’s show and feel his style of presentation does not suit the station. They also feel that the daytime schedule is weak because of the presenters and the more mainstream style of music which can be repetitive due to reliance on playlists."

It can be found at:

George Hudson said...

"The Day the Music Died" blog post and comment on todays news #savebbc6music

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