Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celine Dion is mad as hell

Celine Dion took part in the Grammy mawkathon in honour of Michael Jackson. But she wasn't happy. No, no. She was angry:

[She] admits it was a "difficult" performance for her because she wanted Jackson to be there. She says, "I was mad that he (Jackson) was no longer with us and I wanted so much to make sure that his message... was going to be heard. All of us, we didn't really want to perform; we just wanted to carry his message. I was very honored that I was part of it. I will always love Michael Jackson very much."

It's not entirely clear what Michael Jackson's message was - to be honest, Celine, Derek Acorah was a lot more direct in getting across what the late Jacko was trying to say.

Of course, Acorah was making it up, and just sticking words into the no-longer-present mouth, but at least he was pretty clear what his made-up message was meant to be.

Dion isn't done being mad, though:
She adds, "I thought at one point that Michael was sick and I said, 'Y'know, it's not fair to go through this, being sick like that,' but when I saw the movie I was very mad because he was in top shape and I was very mad that he was no longer with us."

Dion is starting to sound more like she's scripting a witness impact statement than paying tribute to a dead colleague.

You've got to love the way that Celine would have been quite relaxed about Jackson dying at the age of 50 if he'd been unwell. That almost certainly isn't what she meant.

[Thanks again to Michael M]