Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gordon in the morning: We're living in the future now

You won't have been able to sleep last night, with Gordon's announcement yesterday that he had some "amazing new technology which I'll be revealing". Whatever could it be?

Wonder no longer:

First, find the JLS video pane on my website. Then hold the star up to your webcam, as demonstrated by my colleague Lia Nicholls.

If the webcam can see the star, a performance of One Shot will start playing. If you remove the star, it will stop.

And moving the star in three dimensions moves the lads around too, with you in the background.

Oh. Augmented reality using a webcam? Sure, that might have impressed my grandfather, but - since Radio One tried and quickly abandoned the gimmick two years ago - you'd have to stretch the truth a bit to describe it as either "amazing" or "new".

You might be more interested to know that Editors have recorded a session for The Sun. Decent Editors at The Sun? That's got to be a first.