Monday, March 22, 2010

6Music cuts Freakzone again

If you were trying to annoy the campaigners keen to keep 6Music on the air, you could do worse than chopping another half-hour off the Freakzone and giving it to, erm, Huey Morgan.

Huey - who also presents pet programmes for Channel Five - is being rewarded for... uh, um... something. He's being described as "award-winning", after coming third in a category at the Sonys earlier this year.

It's part of a not entirely disastrous reworking of Sundays - Cerys is back, Jarvis is still there, and there's a potentially self-indulgent two-hour Adam Buxton themed music chat show.

The new Sundays:

7.00-10.00am: George Lamb
10.00-12.00pm: Cerys Matthews
12.00pm -2.00pm: Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape
2.00-4.00pm: Huey Morgan
4.00-6.00pm: Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
6.00-8.00pm: Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
8.00-10.00pm: 6 Mix
10.00pm-12.00midnight: Guy Garvey's Finest Hour
12.00midnight-1.00am: Don Letts' Culture Clash Radio

Dave Pearce has been shoved off to Saturday nights.


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