Friday, March 12, 2010

Gordon in the morning: He's so sorry, JLS

Yesterday, you'll recall, Gordon broke off from fawning over JLS to have a quick fawn over N-Dubz instead. However can he apologise to JLS?

Hey, how about running a complete non-story on them?

AFTER months of touring and having to spend hours together on a bus you'd think JLS would be sick of the sight of each other.

Far from it - the boy band have jetted off on their holibags together.

MARVIN, ASTON, ORITSE and JB are today soaking up the sun in Dubai.

Does anyone else hear the sound of Gordon trying to persuade the finance department that he really needs to follow them.
I bet BA will see a surge of bookings for flights to Dubai - the boys will be having to beat girls away with sticks on the beach tomorrow.

I don't think Dubai applies sharia law to quite that extreme, Gordon.