Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Endorsed

Great news for Gordon Smart this morning - with today's hubristic Cameron-as-Poundland-Obama cover, whatever he runs this morning he can't contribute the most ridiculous thing in the paper.

Still, even if Cameron must be curling his toes at the over-enthusiastic clunking support of Lil'Murdoch's front page, he can at least take comfort from yesterday's endorsement in the paper by Simon Cowell, can't he? After all, Cowell doesn't throw his heft behind losers.

What's that, Gordon? Cowell's back in The Sun today?:

MASTER mincer Louie Spence has Got Talent - just ask Simon Cowell.

The Big Man of reality telly is such a huge fan of Louie's show Pineapple Dance Studios that he wishes it was HIS idea.

Cowell - who rarely rates much else on the box - rang producers of the cult Sky1 show to heap praise on their efforts.

David Cameron: the Pineapple Dance Studios of politics.