Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lilith Fair tickets about as popular as Lilith Crane

Lilith Fair is coming back this year, with The GoGos and The Bangles coming back as part of it. The only people not coming back, it turns out, are people willing to pay money to see it:

As Sarah McLachlan prepares to resurrect the Lilith Fair after an 11-year break, she acknowledges that ticket sales for the female-centered package are "pretty soft" right now.

It might be something to do with the decent seats being ridiculously expensive. McLachaln thinks not:
There has been some grumbling about ticket prices, which are more than $250 (before fees) in some markets.

"There's about 300 seats out of 16,000 or whatever that are $250," she says. "Then there's 9,000 that are 25 dollars, so come on. We're working our hardest to have reasonably priced tickets so it can be accessible for everyone and that people will want to come. We might get slaughtered, I don't know, but I kind of have blind faith in the fact we're putting on a really great show and we always have, and that will bring people in the end."

The trouble is that having any tickets offering some sort of ill-defined luxury package sits uncomfortably with the ideals of the Fair, surely? It's a celebration of the power of sisterhood and identity, but one where a huge proportion of the audience have paid considerably more to have a much better experience than the throng.