Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sharkey and the woolsack: Feargal in the Lords?

You'd have never put money on it when he was singing about wanking and chocolate, but Feargal Sharkey is being seriously talked about as a possible addition to the House Of Lords:

Allies of David Cameron say the PM is considering offering the former Undertones singer a life peerage for his efforts to support the music ­industry.

That's from the Daily Mirror, but it's one of their dwindling band of actual journalists who's written it.

Increasingly, 'singer in a punk band' is looking like the outlier in Feargal Sharkey's career, as shown by his time with the Radio Authority and later work as whatever his job title is trying to pretend musicians' interests are identical to those of multinational industrialists. Turning up on the red benches would make a kind of sense, however horrifying it would be for anyone seeing a copyright-tightener being wheeled in to government.

(Isn't this sort of celebrity-business-approved patronage the 'old politics' that Cameron was supposed to... oh, hang about, election's been over months, hasn't it? We've stopped pretending that.)

When he heard another DJ playing Teenage Kicks, John Peel had to pull over to the side of the road because he was crying so much. Whenever we hear what Sharkey's being lined up for next, I kind of worry I might lose control of a motor vehicle and it'll all end in tears, too.

[Thanks to both James M and Michael M for pointing at this one]