Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soulobit: Al Goodman

Al Goodman, the 'Goodman' in Ray, Goodman and Brown, has died.

Originally drafted in by the Stang label to replace the original Moments, the trio were a major soul act during the 1970s, best known for the crossover Love On A Two Way Street. A falling out towards the end of the decade saw The Moments leave the label, but - unable to use the name - they reinvented themselves as Ray, Goodman and Brown. "No-one can take our names from us" was the deep reason for the basic name.

Signing to Polydor, they crossed over again to the main charts with Special Lady. They were going against the grain of the market, though, as soul got slicker and slicker, and by the time of their third Polydor record, their style was left looking somewhat outdated.

The departure, and then death, of Ray didn't actually stop the band from touring, and the wheel of fashion turned enough for Goodman and Brown to get an invite to work with Alicia Keys in 2003.

At the time of Goodman's death, the band were piloting ideas for a radio show.

Al Goodman was 63. He died on Monday.