Monday, August 02, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Coming out in public

After having undergone a public coming out in The Sun on Saturday, can Joe McElderry now have his privacy back?

No, it turns out: Today, Gordon's splashing a long interview with Sean Ryan.

Who he?

THE boy who was the first to share a gay kiss with X Factor winner JOE McELDERRY
There's something that smells really bad about this whole endeavor. The article is bylined to two of Gordon's team:
Two journalists - let's use the term loosely - to write up a story which is little more than "I had a single sort-of date and a couple of quick snogs with a bloke who people can't quite remember if he was from Britain's Got Talent or the other one." Who they've just turned up for the very next paper after the Joe outing edition? And with the piece run as a lead story?

The idea that Joe coming out was front page news was stretching things a bit - the background story must be more interesting than what has gone into the paper.

In other not-actually-news, Beci Wood appears to have just copied a press release onto her PC:
THE WANTED proved boybands are back in business as they stormed to No.1 yesterday with their debut single All Time Low.
Were boybands ever out of business? I'm sure my life would have felt much better if they had been.


Anonymous said...

I think I've worked out the rough timeline here...

1. Joe McE's ex goes to paper with story.
2. Paper does what tabloids always do in these situations, they go to Joe McE and tell him what's happened and offer an exclusive coming out interview so he can tell his side, and so they'll get the exclusive and sell papers.
3. Joe McE panics and decides to come out on his own terms, posts on Twitter.
4. Joe McE's PR explains that co-operating with the tabloids and giving the interview will get him better publicity than if you let them have their scandals.
5. Joe McE changes mind, comes up with story about his account being hacked so that the interview is still technically an "exclusive", and in case poeple think it's a bit of a coincidence he comes up with that other thing about not realising he was gay until the hacker said it.
6. Paper puts off ex-bf story for a few days while they do the exclusive stuff.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I suspect, anonymous, that you're more or less on the money with this one. The only puzzlement is why The Sun thinks Joe McE's sexuality is going to sell a single extra copy of their paper.

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