Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gordon in the morning: You've gotta have a system

This morning, Gordon has a pop at Harry Hill for a deadline-crunched will-this-do album title:

EARLIER this week I told you about HARRY HILL's battle to come up with a name for his new musical comedy album.

THE BEATLES' label Apple Records refused to let him call it Sgt Pepper's Volume 2.

Sadly, the best title he could dream up as deadlines crept in was Funny Times.
God, imagine that - just lobbing any old rubbish down because you had to meet a deadline.

Incidentally, doesn't it seem a bit odd that Apple could refuse Hill the title Sgt Pepper's Volume 2 (complete with knitted tribute to Peter Blake's cover)? After all, there have been numerous parodies and there's even a band doing business under the title Sergeant Pepper? It's not as if anyone would really believe that it was an actual Beatles album, is it?

Still, Gordon, what can we expect?
Harry's musical effort follows in the tradition of comedy songs by Monty Python, BENNY HILL and The Goon Show.
Ah, yes. The Goon Show. That's one for the teenagers, Gordon. Could he not think of a single comedy record made since the early 1970s?