Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Michael Buble thinks people who believe he mimes are idiots

Michael Buble was on The X Factor at the weekend - who knew that George Osborne's spending review wouldn't be the most miserable event on TV last week - and some people believe he was miming.

This has made Michael Buble very very very angry indeed. Because Michael is an artist. He fumed all over Scott Mills:

"People, whoever you are, if you're writing on these blogs or whatever, if you think that I'm miming, you're an idiot," he said.

"You're so used to being fed crap and you're so used to seeing people jam microphones in their faces because they're lip synching, that when you see somebody using actual mic tehcnique and move a microphone away... it's crazy."

The singer continued: "I'm shocked. Did they not listen to me? I was flat! I sang flat! And I was out of breath. If I was going to lip synch, wouldn't I just do it to my recording?"
Oh God, of course not, Michael - I mean, have you heard your recordings? Who'd want to have to trump around stage listening to one of those?

It's wonderful that he's appealing to people who watch the X Factor to judge the quality of his performance. They don't really have the best track record on these matters, do they?

In other news, Covent Garden act Mime And Mimer have angrily hit out at suggestions they have been pretending to be Michael Buble.