Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attack On R-Dig: James Brown joins the Readers Digest

The recently-out-of-bankruptcy Readers Digest desperation to try and find itself some sort of readership has signed up James Brown to do a monthly column:

"I really believe that it helps to write for an audience you are part of. In my 20s I wrote for NME and created Loaded, in my 30s I edited GQ and created Jack, and so in my 40s writing for Reader's Digest and running my own digital publishing venture Sabotage Times just seems right. The column is about enjoying yourself, simple as that," Brown added.
To be honest, James, when you put it like that, you make the Readers Digest sound like the lowest loop on a downward spiral of a career. "In my 50s, I shall be writing a free column taking a wry look at life for the Shepton Mallet Shopper. In my 60s, I shall be joint-editor of the local Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter. In my 70s, I shall be in charge of the Sunday Express."

Stuart Maconie is also joining the magazine, which makes two former NME people on the masthead. I suspect that it still doesn't really make the Readers Digest anything more than the magazine that Punch writers used to make jokes about.


James said...

The good news is that, if they keep hiring former music-press people at this rate, they'll be giving Mr Agreeable a column by March.

"'Life's Like That'?! Life's like what? A piss-poor parade of whimsical wank sent in by a shower of c***s? Paint my arse green and call it Professor, I've seen wittier things fall out the back of a doberman. You f***poles make Fearne Cotton sound like Peter f***ing Ustinov! What's that? Your five year-old daughter made a delightfully wry observation and you want £25? You can f***ing whistle for it! Whatever happened to sending the little bastards up the chimneys to earn their keep? I've got those collosal c***s Jedward up mine at the moment, it's saving me a f***ing fortune! I might even let them out in a couple of days. Oi, Smart! I'm not talking about you! Get back in the cesspit and start scrubbing, you witless f***piece!"

Chris Brown said...

Congratulations. I believe this is the second time ever that Mr Agreeable has been actually funny.

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