Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bono & The Edge try to cheer everyone up

It's been a rough week or two for Ireland, so it's nice of Bono to give everyone a lift by describing the miserable progress of his pointless Spiderman musical from bad idea to rotten stage show:

"Is there jeopardy?" asks Bono, U2's main songwriter and lead singer. "Yes. Because it's technically very difficult. It has never been achieved before — the kind of scale of what we're looking for. There may be very good reasons. We're going to find out. The expense of it? A lot of it was the delays."
Oh, yes, of course. It'd have to be something nobody has ever attempted before, wouldn't it, Bono? Although it's just a bloke on a string. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang needed a flying car.


Olive said...

Maybe they can do a couple of tunes for the new Buffy film.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

From the sounds of the new Buffy film, I'm suspecting Bono will be trying to get the part of Xander.

Olive said...

I saw a couple of episodes over the weekend- haven't seen it for ages- and I thought to myself "you know what this needs? A gritty reboot".

Unknown said...

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