Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gordon in the morning: The fans are all crazed

The MTV European Music Awards took place on Sunday - you can be forgiven for not noticing; after all, with MTV's current programming, you'd assume that the European Awards would consist of the last six American Teen Choice Awards being run back-to-back.

During the course of the night, a perosn ran onto stage while Rihanna was doing a song.

Sorry, did I say person?

A CRAZED fan leapt on stage to get at RIHANNA at the MTV Europe Music Awards.
Of course, it was a crazed fan.

It's always a crazed fan.

Now, running on stage is rude. And sometimes is the act of someone suffering from demons in some way. But not always. Most times not. So why is it always a "crazed" fan who runs on stage, or tries to touch Cheryl Cole's hair? How is it that The Sun is always so happy to assume that anyone who isn't on their list of celebrities must be, in some way, nuts when they try to get close to the people publications like The Sun have made part of their everyday life?

It's a horrible sign of how The Sun views its readers that as soon as someone crosses the line from the audience to the spotlight without permission, they're immediately characterised as a scary, crazed threat.