Friday, November 05, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Mixing pop and politics

Gordon is having a crack at sucking up to Downing Street this morning:

D Cam or D-Dog, as he might become known, is the youngest Prime Minister in 200 years, so his taste in music is likely to be more up to date than predecessors TONY BLAIR and GORDON BROWN.
Oh, yes. That five months difference in age between Blair and Cameron when they became Prime Minister makes all the difference. Your tastes suddenly become so old-fashioned in that bit between being 43 and a half and 44, right?

This fawning over Cameron's tastes is hung on the news that Wiley is going to go to Number 10:
The PM is expecting a visit from top grime crew ROLL DEEP.
Although, as Smart admits further down, it's all part of some sort of Sun-sponsored awards thingy rather than Dave calling his favourite bands to Whitehall.

Blair, of course, did throw his own reception shortly after election which included inviting Alan Mcgee and Noel Gallagher for drinkies. I'm surprised Gordon didn't decide to have a bit of fun poking Blair for fawning over Gallagher all those years ago - after all, who treats Noel Gallagher like he's some kind of Lord, eh, Gordon?

Still, I could be wrong, and Gordon might be spot on. Perhaps Cameron will soon be known as D-Dog. Let's hope William Hague and his friend have kept those baseball caps.