Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Radio One buries Nations opt-outs deeper

You could be forgiven for not knowing that what was once The Session In The Nations from Radio One was still going, as it had long since been dumped from an early-evening slot into the post-Midnight on Thursdays slot. If you could be arsed to track it down, though, it was still quite worthwhile; Bethan Elfyn's Welsh variant especially.

They're now being "given a shake-up, which means getting pushed off to the even-worse slot of midnight until two on Monday mornings, a slot so prized it currently plays host to bits of old canker from the week strung together and passed off as a review show.

There's presenter changes, too, as MediaGuardian reports:

Ally McCrae joins the station to replace Vic Galloway on the Scotland show, while Jen Long – currently assistant producer on the Wales show – will succeed Bethan Elfyn in Wales.
This is, erm, apparently being done to please the BBC Trust:
Ben Cooper, the Radio 1 deputy controller, said: "The BBC Trust asked us to appeal to the next generation of young audiences, and within that to look for the next generation of new talent – and Ally and Jen are just that."
Interesting that you'd bring on the next generation at nothing o'clock on a Monday, for one-third of the UK, rather than, say, giving someone fresh a chance with the Breakfast Show.