Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Forgot-Ten: December 2010

Prince Charles pretended to like JLS and Johnny Marr told David Cameron he couldn't like The Smiths. Mick Hucknall apologised the the "thousands" of women he'd had sex with, although most hadn't noticed it happening.

Was John Lennon killed by the CIA? No, it's bollocks - but a lack of any truth is no prevention against a Daily Mail splash. Was Debbie Harry picked up by Ted Bundy? No, it's bollocks and was debunked years ago - but a lack of truth is no handicap for a Gordon Smart splash.

Things looked grim for HMV, which even took to blaming snow in winter for its decline. Almost as if HMV don't understand the meaning of 'some things are inevitable', isn't it? And why wasn't the Ne-Yo album selling? Ne-Yo had some ideas, few of which involved admitting the album was a clunker.

Regaining independence: Mute. Axed: Sky Music.

The charts turn out to be stuffed with posh kids - although, to be fair, it does keep them out of banks where they were a bit of a nightmare. Matt Cardle celebrated winning the X Factor by revealing he has trouble maintaining an erection.

This month, one night Lady GaGa wore a bra, and then didn't the next night.