Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discobit: Loleatta Holloway

According to a tweet apparently from her manager, Loleatta Holloway died last night.

Holloway had hits in her own right - most notably Love Sensation:

That song got sampled, remixed, and wound up providing the smartest bits of Black Box's Ride On Time:

Unfortunately for Black Box, they didn't get the samples cleared, and ended up being dragged through the courts before handing over large chunks of the royalties to Holloway and Love Sensation songwriter Dan Hartman.

I've not seen any fact-checking media organisations reporting her death yet - one of the articles about her passing says that "it's all over Twitter and Reddit", which doesn't sound totally solid; there are claims that she slipped into a coma shortly before dying. The one solid fact is that she was 64.


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