Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Japanese animals after the tsunami and earthquake

It's not just people whose lives have been torn apart by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan - it's also left a lot of animals in distress and need, too.

A timely email from Peter D:

The earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan has bought about a huge level of destruction. Thankfully there are various charities and government agencies to help those affected. These things unfortunately effect the animals of Japan and sometimes they go unthought of. A charity has been set up, to aid animals affected by this and details can be found here.

You may recall during January Darren Hayman wrote, recorded and released a song a day, under the January Songs umbrella and well as music, he posted illustrations and videos. Darren wanted to do something to help this charity and as such is auctioning off his notebook that contains the lyrics, illustrations, notes, ideas and prose on ebay over the next week. All proceeds will go to the charity and the winner obviously gets this rare one off item.

I am selling the item via my ebay profile and Darren will be sending the winner the item.
It's a really, really good cause, and really, really lovely item to bid on.