Monday, April 11, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Hello? Hello?

With News International (or "the publisher of The News Of The World" as the Times described its parent company on Saturday) admitting it had been involved in repeated criminal activity at the Sunday paper, presumably Gordon will have something interesting and contrite to say this morning about the claims that the Bizarre team also indulged in hacking their way into people's phones and listening to stuff they shouldn't.

Oddly, can't find anything this morning. Perhaps there's a delay as his Photoshop boffins try to create an image of a former member of the Bizarre desk indulging in nefarious activities.

I'm always delighted to help out, so here's a picture he can have for free:

Obviously, I should point out that Andy Coulson has denied any and all knowledge of phone hacking and it was nothing to do with him and how the hell can you expect someone to know what their staff are doing. After all, if he was lying there what would that say about David Cameron's judgement?

What Gordon does has space for is a story about the Catholic Church getting all upset over Lady GaGa's plans to play Mary Magdalene in a pop video.
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights have branded the forthcoming effort, due to be premiered on April 19, as a stunt.

The pressure group's president BILL DONAHUE stormed: "People have real talent, and then there is Lady Gaga. I find Gaga to be increasingly irrelevant.

"Is this the only way to jet up her performance? This isn't random, we are getting closer to Holy Week and Easter."
It's odd that Bill Donahue is running around giving interviews to major media outlets about how irrelevant Lady GaGa is. I suppose it's lucky that she isn't doing this as yet another hackneyed move filched from Madonna's descending years and would have been desperate for some bunch of swivel-eyed loons to take uber-offense and run around making a fuss, otherwise you'd have been playing straight into her hands, Bill. Imagine that.