Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Katy Perry stares into fan's eyes, projects something into the blankness

What do you see, Katy Perry, when you look from the stage?

"It turns me on to stare someone deep in their eyes," she tells MTV News of looking out into the audience every night on her tour. "Sometimes I see all kinds of emotions. It's a lot of emotion.

"It's lovely, too, because I love people that are passionate about life and music in general," she continued. "Music has been such a helping tool for me to get through so many things. That's why I write a lot of times, is to continue to evolve as a person, and I can see the same thing has happened with other people; they've just adopted the song for themselves."
Yes, Katy. Your music really is a helping tool. It's a helping tool generating all kinds of emotion. An evolving, emotional helping tool. One of those tools. You can get it for your Dremel, I understand.