Sunday, June 19, 2011

Glastonbury 2011: The uberpost

Tracking all the bits of coverage of the 2011 Glastonbury Festival.

Sunday 19th June
Weather forecast: sunny and dry, dammit.

Wednesday 22nd June
Gordon Smart introduces the RoboBono
BET - live from Somerset
David Hepworth points out the flaw in modern festivals
When is it on the Red Button?

Thursday 23rd June
U2 fight. No they don't

Friday 24th June
Gordon Smart suggests you navigate Worthy Farm with, erm, the Bizarre app
Kate Moss ruined Glastonbury - official
Prince claims Glasto uses his name
No drugs in Glasto pee, claims Eavis
Morning press round-up

Saturday 25th June
View from the sofa - selection box
View from the sofa - Morrissey
View from the sofa - U2
Legal highs and lows
Press round-up - Orange squashed
Security guards rough up protesters at U2 set

Sunday 26th June
Man found dead on-site
View from the sofa - Saturday
Press round-up - Why be beastly to U2?
David Cameron's assocation chair named as man found dead on-site
Christopher Shale's damning report published in today's Mail On Sunday

Monday 27th June
View from the sofa - Sunday
Press round-up - where were Q?
Zane Lowe ruins it for everyone by liking something else

Friday 1st July
One in three tune in