Friday, July 08, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Boring

Let's just thank the stars Gordon was able to get a column out this morning, what with the sounds of burning and booing and shredding coming from down the corridor.

So what has he brought to our attention, in his bid to ensure that he's part of any seventh day Sun?

The breaking news that Olly Murs in boring:

JLS have told Olly Murs to pull his socks up and stop running scared from their boozy post-gig antics.

Aston said: "He's actually been quite dull. And I've told him. I said, 'You've been so boring. You haven't been out with us yet. What's going on?'
Not only is this Gordon's "big" story, but he's given himself a photo byline on it.
I guess Smart's the only person in Wapping not running about with a blanket over his head. The news that Olly Murs is even dull when viewed from the perspective of JLS will not be stopped.