Friday, July 15, 2011

Trent Reznor hates pretty Pretty Hate Machine

There's been a new reissue of Pretty Hate Machine coughed up by the record label. It's a bit repackaged, and everything.

Trent Reznor advises you not to buy it. Prefix mag explains why:

Reznor took to his Twitter account to make the following statement regarding the new reissue: "NIN fans, don’t waste your money on this version of PHM that was just released." He also called it "a record label bullshit move repackaging the older version" and told fans to "[i]gnore please." He then tweeted a link to the NIN Catalog website that describes the reissue as being very similar to the original and not remastered.
Luckily, the fans will probably have no money left after the last reissue of Pretty Hate Machine, which Reznor did approve of.