Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Noel Gallagher admits Liam was ill after all

So, after Gordon Smart had piled in to support Noel Gallagher in the battle of the brothers, Noel's just pulled the rug out from underneath his defender by admitting that, actually, Liam had been sick all along. NME reports:

Asked whether there was any truth to the story of a lawsuit, he replied: "Unfortunately there is truth in it. But you know, for the record it is a fact that he was diagnosed with laryngitis and it is a fact that he had a doctor's note to prove it."

He continued: "But I'd just like to say though, if he gets offended by my opinions on such things then you know I apologise but it's all getting very silly and a little bit out of hand and it’s not very cool. But there you go."
Let's hope that Gordon is quite sure that his photo of Liam partying and his mocked-up sick note story is solid.