Friday, December 30, 2011

We need to talk about '11: November

Liam Gallagher announced plans to make a life-changing album. Presumably it'll have sharp edges and take your eye out. More risky are the Insane Clown Posse, apparently - the FBI have upgraded their fans to terrorists. Even more shocking: Debbie Harry turned into a cake-eating cake and ate herself.

Bryan May offered sanctuary to an abused hedgehog. Maybe he could help Glenn Danzig, who is a big baby when he has a cold. Mind you, it turns out we've got a lot better at spotting sick rock stars.

After a long time representing the interests of record labels, and presenting them as the interests of "music", Feargal Sharkey moved on from UK Music.

Why shouldn't Johnny Marr flog Smiths tracks to John Lewis if he wants to, eh? It's not like The Smiths were meant to mean anything.

EMI was finally offloaded to an unsuspecting rube.

Returning: The Family, as fDeluxe. Reunited: Vince Clarke & Martin Gore. Closing: The Masque. On hiatus: Sonic Youth. On again: S Club 7

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