Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Throwaway line; pointless article

Gordon himself has filed a breathless piece:

NOEL Gallagher has a cunning plan to fill his kids' trust fund – launching an online business naming babies and dogs for cash.
Really? Or is this just a joke that Noel made that you're dredging an entire article out of?
As ever, it's not to be taken too seriously – his head is full of nonsense.
Righto. Well, glad we could clear that up before you started to go into it in any dep... hang on, you're about to go into this in some depth, aren't you?
But if the High Flying Birds singer decided to, he could make a pretty penny from all the fans who ask him to name their pets and children.
Yes, but he won't, as he isn't going to, because it was a joke.

After Gordon has run Gallagher's joke at its full, too-long length, he then ends with this odd coda:
John McClure, from Reverend and The Makers, is supporting Noel later this year.

They should start their own firm – Gallagher & McClure.

It's got a bit of a ring to it...
Presumably if the space Gordon had left had another couple of lines required, he'd have added "Noel Gallagher might buy some beans. Eat them on toast - delicious!"