Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Adele, interrupted

For Gordon, one story outshines all the others from last night's Brits: The shoddy shambles at the end.

He sets a small team to cover the cutting short of Adele:

No, really, it does take four people to bring the story. The multiple byline isn't a bid to try and convince the finance department the paper really needed to send all those people to the O2.

It was, in case you missed it, a shambles:
FURIOUS Adele makes a one-fingered gesture last night after she was "cut off" making a speech at the Brit Awards.
Later she said the insult was aimed at "the suits" putting together the show — screened live on ITV1. She said backstage: "I flipped the finger but it wasn't to my fans. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, it was the suits that offended me."

The seething singer was later said to have stormed out of the venue, London's O2 Arena.
What a nightmare, eh? You'd hate to be the poor saps who sponsored the bit of the night that went to pot.

Oddly, this year, Gordon seems to have neglected to mention how his column was sponsoring the Best Album prize. Normally he's so proud of that.