Friday, June 29, 2012

The last Word

Some grim news this morning for people who like being entertained by the written word done well: The Word is closing:

We regret to announce that the August issue of The Word, which will be published in the second week of July, will be the last.

In the nine years since the magazine launched there have been dramatic changes in the media and the music business. These changes have made it more difficult for a small independent magazine to survive and provide its staff with a living. This hasn't been made any easier by the economic climate of the wider world.
I've been lucky enough to have some things published in The Word, and some of you (lots of you) read this blog when posts turn up on their website through the magic of RSS, but it's as a reader that I'll miss the magazine.

I still remember devouring the first edition on a journey from Liverpool to Barrow - this turns out to be nine years ago - and looking forward, monthly, to each next instalment.

Many magazines vanish without leaving a ripple. Some close, and it's a pity. The Word going is a crying shame.

Thanks, everyone. You'll be missed.