Thursday, August 09, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Beckham fails to leave a bit behind

There's a curious little story about Victoria Beckham going to Pizza Hut written by Gordon hi'self this morning.

It looks a little as if a hapless Pizza Express person thought 'Beckham eats a pizza' was a story, contacted the Sun, and an angle was ratcheted out of the details to turn into this:

Where’s the dough, Victoria Beckham?

Not too Posh for Pizza Express ... but Victoria didn't tip

But even though Posh has more money than God, she paid the £115 bill in crisp notes — and left without leaving a tip. Tsk.
But clearly the deep throat for this story hadn't expected there to be a fuss about the tip:
A supervisor told The Sun [...] “She didn’t leave a tip, she didn’t leave anything. I gave her the receipt and she gave me the money exactly, £115. But it doesn’t matter.

“She’s a good customer and is always nice. You give her something, she always says please and thank you.”
She might be less kind in the future given that your attempt at a 'Beckham does a nice thing' story has been converted into a 'Beckham a tightwad' story by the time it got to the page.

But let's just wind back a bit further and look at Gordon's claim that "Victoria didn't tip", shall we?

She was in a Pizza Express. And who was with her, Gordon?
“Victoria came in on Monday night with six children and David’s mum."
Six children, Victoria Beckham out The Spice Girls, and mother of footballing geezer legend David Beckham. That's a party of eight.

In a lot of chain restaurants, when you have eight people in a party, the tip gets added automatically to your bill. That's not the case in Pizza Express, where the 12.5% mark up isn't triggered until it's eight adults. I've eaten in Pizza Express more than, ooh, twicety hundred times and didn't know until this morning that it was only adults who counted towards the automatic tip trigger.

Isn't it possible that Beckham just thought that the tip had already been added by the restaurant rather than was being tight?