Friday, August 10, 2012

Moyles after dark

There's a lot of excitement at the possibility that Chris Moyles might be shunted off to night-time Radio One, not least because of who used to sit there:

Radio 1 DJ who will step down from breakfast show in September could take 10pm slot once occupied by John Peel
It's true that 10pm was once John Peel's slot. But they moved him round rather a lot - he did earlier evenings, there was that strange period of Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings; just before he died he was on at 11pm.

Equally, 10pm hasn't always been a "proper" music slot - after all, it's the timeslot where Nicky Campbell would be "back from the weekend", guessing star signs and so on. Which would feel like a more obvious precedent form Moyles at night.

That's if it's going to happen at all, as MediaGuardian did hedge its bets somewhat when predicting the new schedule:
A move to the late-night slot is of a number of options being considered by Radio 1 controller – and one-time Moyles producer – Ben Cooper, as he seeks to find his most popular DJ a new role on the station.

Moyles, who had been tipped for a switch to Radio 2, lost half a million listeners in the latest official Rajar audience figures, slumping to his lowest audience for more than five years in the three months to the end of June.

The DJ may also move to weekends or a weekly show, or may leave the network altogether. His current £1m contract with Radio 1 expires in 2014.
So, that's clear: he'll either be at 10pm, or on weekends. Or maybe in a weekly slot. Or possibly on Radio 2. Or not on the BBC at all. MediaGuardian have really stuck their neck out by choosing not to add-in an arse-covering "he may become a regular presenter on Women's Hour or maybe take over George Galloway's old show on Press TV."