Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Britain's got Tarrant

Chris Tarrant has given an interview to Radio Times:

TELLY host and radio star Chris Tarrant has blasted the compliance culture of broadcasting, calling it a “nightmare”.

He said: “My generation may have had the best fun. Now the accountants have taken over. You have to submit scripts weeks in advance to ‘compliance’ departments.”
You're right, Chris. Modern broadcasting management - it's too micro-focused, too busy fussing around, looking at every detail, making sure everything is in order.
“I heard about Jimmy Savile – I met him twice and found him deeply unpleasant,” Chris said.

“God knows why none of it came out before."
You're right, Chris. Historically broadcasting management was too distant, too busy turning a blind eye, letting things roll on without overseeing detail, not ensuring things are in order.