Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chris Moyles: Would you buy a used car from this man?

The really odd thing about Chris Moyles' tax scam - where he signed papers during his tenure as breakfast show presenter on Radio One claiming to be a second hand car dealer for tax purposes - is how would anyone think this a good idea in the first place?

The only possibility is that Moyles' accountant actually does double-up as a second-hand car salesperson. Let's hope he's better at flogging Ladas than doing sums.

Let's enjoy those Moyles 'apology' tweets, shall we?

"I take full responsibility for this matter, by, erm, saying someone else told me to do it and I don't have the expert tax knowledge to grasp that pretending to be selling second hand cars while presenting one of the highest profile radio programmes in Europe wasn't entirely legitimate. I mean, that's the sort of thing you'd need years of professional experience to understand, right, when you sign a piece of paper that says 'I make a living selling second hand cars' despite not ever having done so much as hung a piney tree in a 1996 Skoda, that you might be claiming something that isn't true. But, yeah, full responsibility up until that point."