Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lily Allen has a pop at bloggers

Lily Allen has written a song about music bloggers. Bloggers! In 2014! What's the next subject of her ire going to be - free AOL sign-up discs? Dial-up modem noises?

Anyway, bloggers it is. And she's cross:

Allen talked to Rolling Stone about [URL Badman]'s highly personal inspiration. "I wrote that after I put out the video for 'Hard Out Here' and everyone said I was racist," she said. "I was really alarmed by that reaction. I stand by that video, and I know what my intention was, and I'm sorry that people interpreted it in a different way.
You'd perhaps wonder if so many people misunderstood your intentions if the problem wasn't yours, rather than theirs. But do go on.
A lot of that negative stuff came from females and the feminist blogger scene.
What really pissed me off was the misogynistic, hipster, male bloggers that went after me in a completely different way.
So for some reason the negative stuff from the - uh - "feminist blogger scene" doesn't matter so much as what the misogynistic hipsters were doing.

Now, that could be fair enough - the feminist bloggers might have been making different points, and it's not hard to imagine boy-boy bloggers using the ill-judged Hard Out Here video as an excuse to have a pop at Allen from a different angle.

But if that is the case, then what's the preamble about Hard Out Here about, then? Because that would seem to be two different things. And it'd be more interesting to explore why you don't feel quite so outraged about the feminist critics - it'd be more worthwhile to hear you engage with them instead. But I guess that might be a harder piece of work.

Allen, though, is just so upset at people who always think the worst of others:
"They come to their own conclusions and their mind won't be changed," she continued. "That's the world we live in. I always try to look at people and see the best in them and give them a chance. . . But people that are probably less fortunate look at me and think, 'Well, she's got everything. She's had everything. It's been handed to her on a silver plate.' It's just not true. I've been through some really, really awful things that other people haven't been through. We're all human beings and life is not fucking fair."
"I always try to see the best in them and give them a chance" says Lily, apparently forgetting she's talking about a song which trots through a bunch of attacks about people living in their parents' basements and being afraid of girls. Fair comment, perhaps, but hardly a leap forward to seeing life through other people's eyes.