Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Forever: April

iTunes Radio. Yeah 'what', that was pretty much what the world said back in April, too. Jermain Jackman won The Voice. Yeah, we were saying 'who' back then, too.

Kylie robbed Atomic Kitten. Scarlett Johansson accidentally insulted ALL the pop stars. Avril Lavigne insulted all of Japan.

Paolo Nutini managed to upset anyone who knows about mental health issues, but compared with Terry Christian's rant about disabled people that was small beer.

As if going to see Kings Of Leon wasn't bad enough, they've started adding measles into the mix, too. Still, takes the mind off the sexism.

Jessie J decided she wasn't bisexual any more.

CNN worried that Obama might be giving special treatment to Justin Bieber.

Apparently a good way to fight piracy is to share a list of all the places it's easy to do piracy. I think they call that an educational campaign.

Samsung launched some sort of new streaming product while Spotify were all upset about something or other. And MTV launched an app that was only a bit stalkery.

Aston Merrygold backfired a prank all over his face.

It was Record Store Day - but is that a good thing? Meanwhile, everyone seemed to buy the claim that the kids are buying tapes by the shedload. Oh, and vinyl being a better audio experience than digital? that's a bit of a myth, too

IPC was sold on or spun off or something.

Splitting: RATT

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