Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Forever: February

Kevin Cummins tried to stop you taking photos at gigs, and not because he makes his living doing that and you're making him obsolete. Oh, no. One Direction wanted you to stop you Tweeting, but not because they're tired of getting a million tweets every day. Oh, no.

Chris Moyles, confusingly, had been telling the tax people he made a living selling cars - he should have tried Abba's route, and glammed up to avoid tax.

It was the last Brits of the Corden era but apparently the year of Arctic Monkeys, still, at the NME Awards.

Skinny Puppy sent a bill to the US government for royalties from their use in Guantanamo torture. Panic At The Disco literally brought the house down in Atlanta.

Having made a speech about how young popstars are sometimes forced to do things they're not comfortable with, Charlotte Church then had to patiently explain that the things people were saying she did to prove she was somehow a hypocrite were the things she was thinking of when she was talking about doing things you're not comfortable with.

Even Radio 4 noticed that the NME's circulation is now parlous. Also at risk: George Michael, slightly inconvenieced in the winter floods.

Wayne Coyne and Beck had a spat, probably over who is the most quirky or whatever. Nicki Minaj managed to piss off Martin Luther King's family and friends.

Man who makes death metal music expresses surprise at low royalty rates from greeting cards and TV while Spotify seem to think they've invented radio djs.

Korn believe that Miley Cyrus is an Obama plot. Miley Cyrus asked people to not look at her bottom; Taylor Swift had to share the stage with a pair of arses.

Morrissey announced dates with Cliff and Tom Jones which nobody believed would ever happen. (They didn't.)

Bono admitted U2 were on the edge of irrelevance, but apparently didn't realise which side of it they're on.

Splitting: Aggi Doom
Coming back: Shirley Collins; Prince

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