Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Forever: July

Kanye West used his Wireless set to go a bit rambly, again. James Arthur asked why X Factor acts sledom appear at Glastonbury.

So shocked was he to discover that he was a tax-swerving arsehole, Gary Barlow announced an investigation to discover why he is a tax-swerving arsehole.

It was never entirely clear who was responsible for the Garth Brooks Dublin concert meltdown debacle. Probably the council. But at least they're not naming schools after Michael Jackson like Gary council are.

He hit a woman in the face, but Tim McGraw reckons he did the right thing.

Having made a big deal about being bi, Lady GaGa seemed to forget. But she is experiencing a drought right now.

Nobody told Lance Bass there was a big N'Sync best-of coming. Lloyd Cole withdrew from Spotify, although this wasn't quite as big a deal as when Taylor Swift did it. Duran Duran sued their own official fan club.

Tired of Robin Thicke, the internet fought back. Tired of reading his own shit, Professor Green tried to scrub his internet history. Harry Styles forgot to scrub his history, and Lily Allen wanted the rest of the internet removed.

To everyone's surprise, the second DAB national multiplex is still being planned for.

Louis Tomlinson turned out to not be able to buy a football club and Adele sold her haunted house and Liam Gallagher put his house with valet service on the market.

To the delight of Texans, Phil Collins handed over his Alamo collection.

The Japanese government attempted to use J-Pop to save the world.

Splitting: Death Grips
Closing: Bop

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