Saturday, January 27, 2001

CD RIP-OFF "SHOCK": Its an ongoing moan, but now the European Commission is set to investigate the cost of CDs. It's pretty well acknowledged that the shiny bits of plastic are considerably more expensive than in America - where the prices are already under investigation - and the ridiculous price was established when CDs were introduced, at the expense of consumers and artists. Expect lots of high profile bleating from record labels about how much it costs to develop an artist, and so on. Then wave your napster-grilled CDRs at them, and laugh. And ask them how many careers they actually bother to develop nowadays anyway. And everything. And wonder how come CDs are still clearly overpriced in a year's time. (Go look in Virign at their constant, never ending deals - this isn;t over-stock or anything, everything will still be bringing in a profit...)

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