Thursday, June 21, 2001

NO SELL: So, that New Order gig sold out in about three seconds, then. Unless the people at Liverpool Olympia come up with a way of getting more people in, in the way that Earls Court have suddenly come up with a way of getting extra people into the Madonna gig there.
Music365: More Madonna Tickets Go On Sale - oh, yes? Earls Court suddenly realise they've got extra space, or is it just a market-forcing hold back of tickets?

SO, HOW EXACTLY IS NAPSTER KILLING MUSIC?: So, despite all this so called piracy and theivery, there's been increases way above inflation in royalties this year. So, where, exactly in Napster and audiogalaxy hitting people hard, then?
BBC: record royalties - "piracy is a worry" says industry figure, as they stuff their bras with tenners

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

NEW STUFF ONLINE: For some reason, its taken a fucking age, but there's a load of new stuff at bothsidesnow - a 1981 vintage Smash Hits, for example, and Brian Molko's very own gallery. Go on, give it a sniff.

THE JUNE OVERHAUL HAS BEEN FUELLED BY... stuff we've enjoyed hearing while we kept inadvertently deleting the altered images lyric page
Snake River Conspiracy - How Soon Is Now?
Controv Smiths cover version, complete with amazing Dark Angel aping video
Ciccone - Leg It, It's the Rozzers
Octane whipperpunk sniffer track (vaguely reminiscent of 'Caught by the fuzz')
Janaury - I Heard Myself In You
Still miss Sarah records? Yeah, me too...
Dirty Harry- Nothing Really Matters
Brassy-esque, Boss Hogg stylings. Lambasted in today's NME
Four Storey - I'm Still Waiting
Chocolate-eating misery beauty
Kings of Convenience - Winning a Battle, Losing a War
I'd always written KoC off before, but this makes me think I may have been more hasty than a NASDAQ investor in 1999
Stereolab - Captain Easychord
Traditional Stereolab fare, which is a good thing
Antiproduct - Best Day of Your Life
I cant remember anything about this, just that I love it
Mekon with Marc Almond - Dead Mans Curve
Having brought Roxanne Shante back, and managed to make her sound now, Mekon's now done it with Marc Almond

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

punkrockbowling - for people who like to listen to punk rock as they bowl
oi jesus - skinheads for jesus
Widdie - there's old anne claiming she couldn't muster support, while since November 2000 no fewer than two people have signed up to her fan list. Still, at least she's got a group, more than Hague has

Monday, June 18, 2001

THOUGH...: Just as I published that I got an email claiming that Moyles is using Le Hammond Inferno as backing for his quiz. Would be great if (a) that turns out to be true, and (b) he stops shouting long enough for anyone to hear it. Anyway, it'll all pour cash into the coffers of the good people at invicta hifi so thats a good thing.

DID I MENTION?: Chris Moyles must die. No, really. Highlight today - he was taking the piss out of Steve Wright. Because, apparently, it was just him and his posse talking. The difference being, beardie, that at least Wright's posse had people the quality of Phil Cornwell, Lisa Tarbuck and Richard Easter in it, whereas what have you got? Someone who pranced about in their pants and still only got a single page in FHM (they give that to begging students) and a bloke who clearly would rather be elsewhere and will, I swear, one day kill you. With a spoon. Which is a long and painful death, I can tell you. Oh, and by the way: downloading themes from TV Cream and playing them isn't any substitute for preparing your show properly.
I'm quite warming to nemone, actually, but then I did like emma freud's show. Is that so wrong?

YOU ARE OLD, FATHER FRED: As if to prove that this shouty rock is a young person's game, daddy Durst has had to cancel the rest of Limp Bizkit's tour because he's only gorn and put his back out. Leave it to the youngsters, daddio. Or at least Thurston and Kim, who do it with dignity.

FURTHER: The erotica listmania spreads - now someone's asked me to kick off a similar project on kenickie. An early worried response has been "What if one of them is lurking on the list?" - yeah, like I so don't want Lauren to know that I fancy her. Or Emmy. Or Marie. Apparently, Emmy-Kate is now working on a make-up counter.