Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glastonbury 2013: Rocks off

Okay, I'm prepared to believe the sole reason for getting The Rolling Stones to play Glastonbury was so they could be satirically scheduled straight after Primal Scream.

Gordon in the morning: Of course Robbie has responded

After yesterday's whining from Liam Gallagher because Robbie Williams can still draw an audience, today Williams has launched a counter slavo.

It's like a few weeks ago when Nigel Lawson popped up to share his opinions on something. He was very angry but... it was like listening to someone having an argument down the street and round the corner. As is this spat.

Still, kudos to Robbie for focusing where it hurts most - the music:

Robbie said: “The interviews are better than the records at the minute. I really enjoy the interviews. Liam is like an episode of Star Stories.” He then laid into some of the songs on new Beady Eye album BE, saying: “The production is really good. There are a couple of tunes that would have been f***ing amazing if they had a chorus.

“Flick Of The Finger, nearly a great tune. Start Anew, if that had a chorus, but there is no chorus.”
Seriously, though, lads: It's reached the stage now like the sixth of seventh time Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin went at on Corrie. It's starting to look less like a feud, and more like codependency.

Still on the Steps

Wasn't Ian Watkins trying to move away from the curse of having been H a while back?

How is that going?

Yes, not only are the producers worried that "Ian Watkins" and his face don't have much brand recognition, but even after putting "H" into his name, they're still so nervous that they have to call him
Ian H Watkins H FROM STEPS
Let's hope ticket sales go well, otherwise they're going to have to add "You know, they did that Bee Gees cover, and he was on Big Brother" onto the posters.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Embed and breakfast man: Chvrches

Look! Chvrches on Jimmy Fallon's show. (Trigger warning: may feature pre-roll advert for crisps, but being described as chips)

Warped tour "now more like Chuck E Cheese than ever"

Warped Tour's target audience has been getting younger and younger with each passing year; now they're aiming so low that they've introduced a Legoland-style 'free adult ticket with every kid's ticket' deal.

At this rate, we're expecting Peppa Pig to be headlining in 2015.

Ha ha Har Mar Superstar not a replacement Replacement

Yesterday, Har Mar Superstar tweeted that he was going to be the new Replacements guitarist.

Spin ran this news as fact.

They've updated their story a little now:

Har Mar Superstar Didn't Join the Replacements

Update: It never made much sense anyway
Yeah, it never made any sense at all, although that didn't stop Spin announcing they'd confirmed the surprise signing. I wonder what the 'confirmation' process was - "it's obviously bollocks, but on the other hand that time two of Spandau Ballet signed for Melchester Rovers, but that really happened. On which basis..."

For those of you who have trouble remembering which one is Andrew WK, and which is Har Mar Superstar, here's a simple mnemonic: It doesn't matter.

Now that's how you do a tribute...

Bruce Springsteen plays the whole of Born To Run as a tribute to James Gandolfini. The album, not the song.

I'm not sure it quite balances out an entire day of people on Twitter making weak 'his name sounds like Gandalf out the fairy tale' jokes, but it's a hell of a tribute.

Gordon in the morning: Liam's humiliation

It's obviously humiliating for Liam Gallagher that in Manchester - Manchester - Beaky Eye are only able to book gigs in the size of room you'd hire for the funeral tea for an unpopular Uncle.

You know what you might want to not do in those circumstances? Come across like a whiny boo-hoo, complaining and drawing attention to your reduced circumstances by pointing at another act who is doing so much better than you.

When did Liam ever get it right, though?

Gordon Smart bottles the bitterness:

Liam lost his rag as his band BEADY EYE played Manchester’s 1,500-capacity Ritz while Robbie chalked off another sold-out show in front of 60,000 at Manchester City’s home ground.
Williams is playing three nights there. Given that Gallagher has drawn attention to the difference, remember that he'd have to play a solid four months of gigs at the Ritz to reach the same number of fans Williams is playing to in Manchester.
Speaking on 5 Live, [Gallagher] ranted: “We should be playing the Etihad three nights (sic), not some f***ing fat f***ing idiot.
Quite why Gallagher believes he has a right to play in the Man City ground isn't clear, but given the size of his audience, he certainly could. He could even do it the same night as Williams plays - Robbie in the main part of the stadium; Captain Beaky could take on the kit room.

But as his consciousness streams, Gallagher realises who the real villans are. People. People who steadfastly refuse to give a flying fuck about his twilight band:
“Poor, mate. It’s not about him, it’s people in general. But it is about f***ing him, just in case you think I’m scared or something.

“It’s a small gig. Beady Eye ain’t a big band.

“Everyone thinks we’re going to announce big f***ing stadiums. That (The Ritz) is the level we’re at and we’ll stay at that until you pull your f***ing finger out and buy the f***ing records.”
You know what, Liam? If you want people to buy your records, you might want to try making them... well, let's start with 'not lazy shit', shall we?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Admitting, tangentially, that nobody's interested in Beady Eye

There's little surprise that Beady Eye are trying to interest fans by the prospect of playing some songs people might know:

The Liam Gallagher-fronted rock band will dust off tracks made famous by the singer's previous band with brother Noel Gallagher on their UK tour, which kicked off in Manchester yesterday (19.06.13).
Pondering which songs they may play, guitarist Gem Archer is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ''They're always there and we know that we can use them. I'm sure a lot of fans would want to hear them. 'Hung in a Bad Place' would be a good one live, as would 'The Meaning of Soul'.
Yeah, or, you know: the hits. The Oasis hits.

You could also try billing yourself like this:
Liam Gallagher out of
and the Beady Eyes

Turning rebellion into money

Dying Scene have compiled a list of the richest punks. They're using 'punk' in the divider-in-Target-CD-rack sense than any meaningful sense, so Blink 182 come out at the top of the list.

[via Louder Than War]

Yodelobit: Slim Whitman

One of the men who was in my Dad's small record collection when I was a small son, Slim Whitman, has died.

Whitman - born Otis Dewey Whitman in 1921 - had originally been heading towards a career in baseball, but like many of his generation, a spell in the forces changed his life. Serving in the US Navy, he'd filled downtime playing guitar and on his return to civilian life, he started to pick up slots on local radio, eventually landing a regular role on the Louisiana Hayride programme. Colonel Tom Parker arranged a first record in 1948

Whitman's career burned brightest in the early 1950s - his cover of The Love Song Of The Waterfall was first a crossover pop hit, and then crossed the Atlantic be a UK hit as well. Fashion would move on - the arrival of Elvis sucked away first much of Whitman's pop fanbase, then his country fans - but he continued playing, if not recording.

A Greatest Hits collection and a willingness to play live allowed for a comfortable semi-retirement. His last UK tour was in 2002, but in 2011 Whitman did produce one final studio album, Twilight On The Trail. (There remain six unreleased recordings from the sessions, apparently, so he might manage a posthumous album.)

Slim Whitman was 90. He died June 19th from heart failure.

And Slim? I remember you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gordon in the morning: TV company pay for overnight accommodation shocker

Here's a surprise. It appears The Sun's TV editor Colin Robertson doesn't realise that TV productions pay people's accommodation costs if working on them takes them away from home. Otherwise, why would he think this is a story:

THE BBC is shelling out nearly £15,000 in licence fee cash to put up The Voice star Sir Tom Jones in London’s posh Savoy Hotel.
That's London's posh Savoy Hotel, just so you don't confuse it with the Savoy Hotels in London that aren't posh.

I suppose you could argue that Tom could have been put up in a Premier - after all, if it's good enough for Lenny Henry and all...

But even more surprising is Colin admits his opening sentence is a lie further down the article:
The show’s production company Wall To Wall is said to be handling the payments using the £11million budget handed to it by the BBC.
Ah. So, the BBC isn't actually spending anything on Tom's hotel; it's coming from Wall To Wall's margins and even if Tom slept in the street, it wouldn't make any difference at all to the sum the Corporation is paying (sorry, "handing over") for the series.

[Quick hint to Colin, by the way: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns the Savoy. He also owns a fairly big chunk of your newspaper's parent company.]

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Of course they are

This is, sadly, not satire.

Kelly Osbourne still going on about Lady GaGa

There's no way that Kelly Osbourne is secretly thrilled that she had a spat with Lady GaGa about two years ago.

You might recall Kelly, whose job now appears to be commentating on people walking up to a door, was angry because Lady GaGa didn't walk up to the door on Grammys night back in 2012.

Of course, you don't recall that, because why would you? Which is why Kelly is desperately still banging on about how terrible it was for her, and the opprobrium she received merely for complaining that GaGa didn't walk up a red carpet before an event. So bad, she's still not over it, apparently.

Monday, June 17, 2013

HMV downsizes

This is interesting - as part of the frantic restructuring Hilco are doing to try and save HMV, the chain is going to give its flagship store to Foot Locker, and move into Foot Locker's old Oxford Street store.

It's full circle for HMV, with the 'new' shop actually being their original Oxford Street flagship. It's also a comedown, as the store is only a third the size of the one they're leaving.

Gordon in the morning: The price of fame

Understandably, Gordon has little time for Pete Doherty's explanation of why he's no longer with Kate Moss:

Pete insisted: “Maybe we could have lasted forever.

“When I met her she was just a girl from south London that I fell in love with. But it wasn’t an easy love.

“In a different world, at a different time – if we hadn’t become famous it might have worked.
“But with all the people around us it just couldn’t. They didn’t want us together.”
Gordon points out that it could also be something to do with him running out on an expensive drug rehab programme that Moss had sprung for.

You've got to love the claim that she was "just a girl from South London". Which is odd, because normally someone who is "just a girl from South London" wouldn't be holding a party in their ten bedroom, grade II listed Cotswold second home, would they?

Ozzy Osbourne isn't so daft

It's generally accepted that during the period of The Osbournes, Ozzy was further out than Stevie Smith on a boogie board. Perhaps not, though:

The Black Sabbath rocker claims he ''never watched one f****ing episode'' of his MTV reality show.
Not so stupid, then.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Status Quo: At current prices

We've heard many, many stories of Status Quo's drug years, and the Telegraph is happy to go through some of them again.

But this being the Telegraph, there's an acknowledgement of the interests of their readers:

Indeed Rossi, who formed the band, originally named the Spectres, with his south London school friend Alan Lancaster in 1962, appears never to have questioned how much he was spending on drugs once the band became successful.

He said: “I used to spend £1,200 a week on cocaine, which again doesn’t sound like that much now.”

When it was pointed out to him that the sum amounted to £1.69 million over a decade at today’s prices, he admitted that with hindsight he wished he had not indulged quite so recklessly.
Yes, the paper works out the actual investment the band made in drugs, and uprated it to 2013 prices.

Although the writer, Patrick Sawer, does seem to have used the slightly risky assumption that Rossi bought the same amount of drucks week in, week out, for 520 weeks.

So tell us, Patrick, having burned through all that potential cash must have left Rossi in penury, right?
Rossi - whose fortune is estimated at between £2 and £10m - said his most costly outlays nowdays are his eight children and their education.
There's a chilling warning for the kids: if you spend your cash on drugs when you're young, you might end up with so much cash nobody even seems able to count it.

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