Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What now for McBusted?

Ah, the sweet joy of BBC News innocently exploring how Charlie Simpson decided to rejoin Busted without once including the phrase "it can be embarrassing to have all your credit cards declined while trying to buy a donut". But that's almost certainly closer to the answer than the "offical" explanation:

On all that Newsbeat interview where he said he would never get back with Busted, Simpson said: "I reckon I said it 20 more times than that, privately and publicly, and I meant it every single time.

"But as I say I have changed my mind and that has been down to the circumstances changing. I never thought we would get to a point where we were in a studio writing music we all got behind creatively and that was a huge shock to me.
"also, it was nice to be in a room where there was heating. I'd forgotten central heating."

I'm probably being unfair. I'm sure the desire to pick up artistically from where that Thunderbirds movie theme left off was the overwhelming desire.

The big question, though, is where does this leave McBusted? Because there was a project which had "we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't have to" scrawled all over it, and now they don't.

Someone is trying to sell a CD/Vinyl Fightstar release for £65 on ebay. It's signed, so that's probably knocked a few quid off the asking price, but still doesn't seem to be priced to move. (It claims it's the first ever vinyl/CD release, but I'm sure Peel played one of those in the 1990s).

An old friend reappears

Ah, it's been a while since we've sighted someone saying "hey, why does everyone think Morrissey's glum, he's actually very funny" as if that's not the whole point of Morrissey - in effect the "why does everyone focus on how wet the sea is, because if you taste it, it's actually quite salty" of music.

Turns out the thought isn't extinct, though. NME has one in the wild this week: