Friday, November 02, 2001

Peel - John Peel tells the story about weeping on the motorway when Peter "Hello, mates" Powell played Teenage Kicks. Again. And its still great.

Rossiter - Martin Rossiter does the 'home entertainment' column. It's all refined good taste, you know...

Cashback - Johnny Cash back in hospital. (Even if you don't care, follow the link and look under the "news" heading on the right of the page - "Johnny Cash shakes it all about" next, then?)

Life on earth - Westlife defend Lee "elephants are dying" Ryan's comments about the attack on New York. "He says The Sun took him out of context." A small prize for anyone who can explain a context in which "Who gives a fuck about New York when elephants are dying" wouldn't be crass and stupid. A further prize to anyone who can explain how the Sun were able to take him out of context in a live webchat. Westlife say they hope the situation in Afghanistan gets back to normal as soon as possible - so, that would be a repressive regime supplying heroin through the Russian mafia while its own people starve, refusing to allow people to have televisions, a complete lack of rights for women at all, and a debilitating civil war, then? Mind you, its not all bad, as at least the Taliban ban on music would spare the Afghanis the new Westlife album.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

SHARE UPDATE: People who count such things are saying that half as many people are swapping music files online compared with this time last year, although that doesn't throw any light on whether the numbers of actual files are falling or not. The inheritor services to Napster don't have as many users, which would imply fewer tracks zinging back and forth, but it's possible that now the sharers have receeded to the most hardcore of users, so files per head could have increased. Whatever, the record companies told us that their business was being affected by file-swapping, so a massive fall in file-swapping must mean their business is improving, right?
EMI lose another executive - apparently not, then...

SPLIT UPDATE: Tim Booth is going to quit James after this tour; Neil Hannon is going solo. Can you say "Midlife crisis"?

PARRYS, TEXAS: So, Sharleen from Texas is putting music on hold to concentrate on developing an acting career, is she? Well, who could turn down the chance to act opposite Ed Furlong? And since he's worked with the absurd Arnie, its not like she's going to be the worst person to share a screen with him, is it? Apparently, she was offered the part Nicole Kidman played in Moulin Rouge, which would have at least made that single with Ewan Mcgregor a bit more bearable, and a lot more Scottish.
Singer to play detective, reports bbc - interestingly classified neither as a "film" or "music" story, but simply "showbiz"