Friday, November 02, 2001

Peel - John Peel tells the story about weeping on the motorway when Peter "Hello, mates" Powell played Teenage Kicks. Again. And its still great.

Rossiter - Martin Rossiter does the 'home entertainment' column. It's all refined good taste, you know...

Cashback - Johnny Cash back in hospital. (Even if you don't care, follow the link and look under the "news" heading on the right of the page - "Johnny Cash shakes it all about" next, then?)

Life on earth - Westlife defend Lee "elephants are dying" Ryan's comments about the attack on New York. "He says The Sun took him out of context." A small prize for anyone who can explain a context in which "Who gives a fuck about New York when elephants are dying" wouldn't be crass and stupid. A further prize to anyone who can explain how the Sun were able to take him out of context in a live webchat. Westlife say they hope the situation in Afghanistan gets back to normal as soon as possible - so, that would be a repressive regime supplying heroin through the Russian mafia while its own people starve, refusing to allow people to have televisions, a complete lack of rights for women at all, and a debilitating civil war, then? Mind you, its not all bad, as at least the Taliban ban on music would spare the Afghanis the new Westlife album.

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